We’ve all done the dash to the shops for a generic bottle of wine or box of chocolates when we’ve needed a gift. We’ve also all felt that twinge of guilt when we hand over a gift we know doesn’t come close to expressing what we would really like to say.

At The Boutique Box, we take the hard work out of giving the perfect gift– every time, and for every occasion.

Our hampers are packed with carefully selected products we love, and we know the people who receive them will love them too.

Local chocolates and wines, handmade baby items or jewellery, divine candles and more are beautifully presented and personally delivered, making your gift one to remember.

Run by a busy Mum of three who knows how hard it can be to find time to go gift shopping (let alone to find the right gift), The Boutique Box lets you choose from a range of hampers carefully crafted for corporate gifts, new babies, birthdays and more.

So next time you want to say more than just “thank you”, or “congratulations”, or “I’m sorry”, say it with The Boutique Box.

Don’t settle for typical. Join the gift box revolution.