That’s A Wrap!

The secret to keeping the squirmiest of babes, snug as a bug.

At first glance, the stylish range of organic cotton baby swaddles by Burrow + Be, is pretty impressive. But the impressiveness of this range does not stop there. Made from 96% organic cotton, these babies are super soft to the touch, making them very luxurious and baby skin friendly.

4% elastine gives these wraps a great amount of stretch. This feature, along with the generous cut of fabric (110cms x 110cms), makes these wraps ideal for swaddling the wriggliest of babies and keeping those little escaping arms in!

The nature of this fabric makes the Burrow + Be swaddles ideal for all year round use and gives them great versatility. Aside from the obvious swaddling feature, they can be used as a light blanket, a pram cover, a bassinette sheet and a play mat.

This is the kind of priceless gift that will become a child’s treasured comforter, something they will enjoy well into childhood. The practicality, quality and unique style of these gorgeous swaddles are the reasons why we have selected them to be a part of our baby gift box range.

A Burrow + Be organic baby swaddle, is a gift that will be truly appreciated, and one that will get used and used and used, for many months and even years to come.

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