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Behind our favourite, handmade fudge is a very friendly face with a huge heart. Meet Eben Smith, the founder and creator of the award winning, House of Fudge. Eben exudes passion for his handmade product, his home state of Tasmania, and the produce that this abundant land has to offer.

Eben Smith House of Fudge

This delightful guy is also passionate about people, and can often be found donating blood, raising money for charity, and sharing the House of Fudge love with the sick and less fortunate.

One of the programs that Eben loves to support is the Save the Tasmanian Devil appeal. The Tasmanian devil became extinct on the mainland of Australia about 400 years ago, but this little Tassie icon is heading the same way in his home state, due to Devil Facial Tumour Disease, a disease that has wiped out more than 90% of the devil population in some areas of Tasmania, as well as other threats, including road kill.*

House of Fudge features the Tasmanian devil on their signature fudge bar, and assists in raising awareness about the Save the Tasmanian Devil appeal at every opportunity.

When Monique discovered House of Fudge at a market in Tasmania, she instantly messaged me saying that we needed to include this sensational, handmade sweet into our gift boxes; she said that not only would it be a hit with customers, but the creator of the brand was a really nice guy….and we like to support nice people.

Have you tried a bar of House of Fudge yet? What is your favourite flavor? Tell us in the comments.

Beth + Monique


*To discover more about this threatened Australian species, and to find out how you can support it’s ongoing survival check out Save The Tasmanian Devil. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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