Your next corporate gift is already taken care of

Thanking your staff and clients has never been so easy!

When you're running a business - small, medium or large - your clients and your staff are everything to you. We know this, because here at The Boutique box, we feel the same! It makes sense that you want to show them how much you admire them and are grateful for the hours they put in for your business, or want to show them how much their loyalty as a client means to you. But often, due to lack of time, knowledge, or manpower, your plans to express this gratitude, admiration and respect fall by the wayside. In the rush to scramble a gift together you do one of two things:

1. You order something underwhelming and overpriced online at the last minute, from a factory churning out 500 of these a day. 

2. You panic. Buy a box of chocolates. Stick a card on top. Done. 

Now, our mums always told us "it's the thought that counts" and this is true - but we know just as well as you, that your clients and staff deserve more. They've been loyal and diligent, and have helped you grow your business over months or years, so showing appreciation for them shouldn't be an after thought. 

What's the answer you ask?

The answer is a stylish, gourmet, local produced hamper of gifts, many of which aren't available anywhere else in Wagga, which has been designed, curated and delivered personally by The Boutique Box team. 

Whether you're thanking one or a whole team of staff, saying goodbye and good luck or welcome to the team, thanking a loyal customer or sweetening the deal for a potential client, say all you need to say with a personal hamper, crafted with love at the hands of real people - not a factory conveyor belt!

We're in the game of memories; of remembering them, of enriching them, and of creating them. Make your next staff or client gift one they'll never forget. Don't settle for typical.

Be unique. Be chic. Be BOUTIQUE.

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