A Time for Giving: our local last minute gift guide!

Christmas is a time for family and friends, a time to slow down and be truly grateful for what we have. It’s also a time for giving, and a great opportunity to put some extra thought and effort into thanking those who do so much for us.

We are in the business of gift giving, it’s what we do, it’s what we love. But there are so many other great local Wagga businesses out there who have some unique last minute (but still super thoughtful) gift ideas for you to gift to a loved one.

Here are our top pick local last minute gift ideas!

A flower subscription from Little Triffids Flowers

Is there someone on your Christmas list who is just a wee bit difficult to buy for? They already have everything they need, or they may be a little on the fussy side (haha!). Why not sign them up for a weekly, fortnightly or monthly flower subscription? Imagine them receiving a stunning bouquet of locally grown flowers every month for the rest of the year!! You’ll be on the favourite list all year round!


A signature blowdry from The Style Bar Wagga

This is a real treat for someone who gives so much for others, and doesn’t take a lot of time out for themselves.


A meal voucher

We are so lucky to have so many sensational restaurants and eateries in Wagga. There are too many to list! But a meal voucher is a great gift idea, especially for a couple. A great way to thank your parents and in-laws for all of their unpaid babysitting services throughout the year! 

Movie Tickets from the Forum 6 Cinemas

I give my parents a voucher from the Forum 6 as part of their Christmas gift every year, and every year they love it. They get to see a few movies a year with it, and they call me after each one to thank me again and give me a run down on the film they saw, and whether or not Mum fell asleep and started snoring (sorry Ma!).


A season subscription or tickets to a show at the Wagga Civic Theatre

A season subscription is another one of those gifts that keeps on giving throughout the year, and another great one for parents or in-laws!

wagga civic theatre

My pick of the shows this year are the local production of Wicked and Bell Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice.


A beauty or massage voucher

Another great treat for someone who needs to treat themselves is a beauty or massage voucher! There are so many beautiful salons in Wagga with lovely and talented therapists, so take your pick!

Good luck with the shopping list! We are delivering right up to Christmas Eve if you need us!

Beth + Monique


*Please note that these suggestions are not endorsed by or affiliated with the businesses mentioned. Photo credits to the businesses mentioned. 

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