Meet the Maker: The Little Flame Co.

From her charming old red brick home, set amongst sprawling gardens in country New South Wales, Cheyenne Heath makes magic happen. We have so long been in awe of the beauty of her candles, the purity of their scents and Cheyenne’s absolute passion for producing an exceptional product; that we simply needed to know more about the woman behind the flame.

What was your inspiration behind starting a handmade candle business?

I found Etsy by chance reading a home magazine in 2010 and unaware of what “Etsy” was. Once I started researching, online browsing and then shopping it became clear. I found a lady in America whom handmade cold processed goats milk soap at her farm which was all quite self-sufficient, she had this online shop front and client base all whilst she was raising kids at home.

I didn’t know it was possible until then to be able to raise my children, run the household and also create a business that would allow me to gain an income. That’s when the seed was planted that I could do more from home.

In 2012 my mother and I started making soy candles as gifts however that didn’t satisfy me for long, as I’d been buying candles and refills locally however I couldn’t find what I was looking for, so slowly I began to create it.

Looking back on it now, 4.5 years in, I’ve unknowingly built a creative business for me. Initially it was always so that I could stay home with the kids longer and will always be a part of my why, but now it is all so much more than making candles.

In building a small business the growth personally has been immense and it’s also created me. I can from time to time immerse myself in it so much it’s consuming, however I’ve built this, it’s a part of me as much as I am a part of it. I am terribly proud even if I don’t always admit it nor take myself seriously. It’s a profound feeling.

What do you love about running an at-home business?

It’s surprising. Some days I have it all together. Other days, not so much. I get to be at home and work for myself, which is ultimately very empowering. I’m fulfilled from my creative business, I get to create and have people share with me how much that they too, love what I am creating.

I also get to wear two hats, the creative business lady and mum so whilst it can be a tiring juggle, ultimately I started this so I could work from home have my littles with me and be able to do all the activities, lessons and such with them. So whilst I’m creatively thriving I’m also involved with the important moments with the kids and all that’s in between.

Certain scents evoke different moods, what scents would you recommend for the following in-home events: an open house, bringing home a new baby, celebration drinks, a romantic evening?

Open house – after much experience on the open house scene I have two options, an odor neutralizer like “fresh coffee” or something homely like “hot baked apple pie”

New baby – “baby powder” is the most popular scent with anything in relation to a babe however I would suggest personally something soft yet fresh and nothing too overpowering, a fresh floral and cotton/linen scent, because in life sometimes that new baby smell is all you need.

Celebration Drinks – “Champagne Strawberries” comes to mind for that very reason. Our best seller to date.

A Romantic Evening – “Magnolia” such a soft and gentle scent but has a sexiness to it.

What is YOUR favourite scent and how does it make you feel?

“Brown Sugar and Fig” is my candle. There really is no one else for me. It’s soft and gentle and evokes a calm happiness when I’m burning it. I like to be home for long periods when I burn candles (and its generally on a day I don’t pour) I’ll be cleaning and arranging and generally faffing about whilst the kids are playing with each other and my husband is out in the shed. Simple moments are generally the best I find.

We know that you are passionate about your ‘old lady’, tell us about her, what are your plans for her and how are they coming along so far?

Oh! Old Lady Harborne. Well, we’ve been here about 18 moths so far and it was such a road to get here and then last year was just one of “those” years however I definitely feel settled after this winter.

I’m immensely proud of her. She’s got a striking verandah and tessellated tiles (that are sinking but hey, she’s old) and I always think of the Colourbond ads with the music and the half-naked guy in the front yard getting the paper staring at his house, well that’s us from time to time but with all our clothing on. We haven’t really done anything to be quite honest, except my husband has pulled out the original fireplace which I still have the outline of on the wall, removed some plum trees because he had such an aversion to them and put in a vegetable garden. We have great plans though!

We need open plan living and I want a kitchen that is flooded with natural light, white subway tiles and white lattice style windows (check out my pinterest page, it’s a doosy!) I want a kitchen island bench that the kids can sit at and eat breakfast or help me at, whilst we are baking something totally amazing (cough cough pack mix, same same). The original living and dining area will be turned into a formal sitting room, we’ll add extra bedrooms, a patio entertaining area off the back and a candle/studio area below with a separate entrance off the side for my customers to visit.

As I said before, pinterest is very helpful and I can waste A LOT of time on it. It has also been great to discuss ideas and concepts with Nic, however it is all in the planning stages at the moment, we are agreeing to disagree on many topics, there has been such growth for my business this year (and Nic works pretty big hours too) that we haven’t been able to concentrate so much on renovations however next year we may just do that.

What are your other passions?

My kids. I’m pretty passionate about them. And my husband. Its kind of a forever thing with him. We are besties.

australian handmade

I love to read, nothing earth shattering and deep, just good old mills and boon romances. I own it. Whatevs.

I crochet. Where creating candles feeds my creatives soul, crochet feeds my calm. It’s also creating so when I don’t candle, I crochet.

Thanks Cheyenne xx



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