The January Gift Shopper

Let’s be brutally honest. After having spent the last couple of months writing gift lists, poring over catalogues, draining our brains of thoughtful gift ideas, filling up virtual shopping carts, traipsing all over town trying to find car parks, buzzing in and out of shops, and hastily wrapping presents…the mere thought of gift shopping is now enough to make many cringe, it’s something they don’t want to have to think about until at least, say, March.

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And some, quite frankly, are just plain broke!

But plenty of people still have their gift giving mojo in January! So what are our January givers, giving in January?


Plenty of exciting questions were popped over the Christmas and New Year holidays, so the Moët has been flowing.

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"Pop the Bubbly!" Gift Pack

A baby born

Yes, babies are delivered all year round, and so are our baby gift packs and thank you boxes for obstetricians and midwives.

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"Tiny Feather" Baby Gift Pack

Happy Birthday to Me

So many people are celebrating their birthdays in January…but sadly, due to post-Christmas exhaustion, not many people are joining them!* So what’s the solution to this problem? Well, one of our gorgeous customers purchased HERSELF a birthday gift, which is quite an acceptable thing to do!

ladies gift box

"The Monstera Mash" Ladies Gift Pack

*this is just a joke, however it does have some truth to it. January birthday boys and girls tend to get a little overlooked, or they get the Christmas/Birthday combo gift at Christmas time. While we totally get that gift shopping after Christmas can feel like a chore, if you have loved ones who have birthdays in January, don’t forget about them! It doesn’t take much effort to shop for a gift with us, we can take care of the wrapping and delivering for you, while you still put in the love.

What else are people celebrating in January?

Back to Uni

Plenty of loved ones are heading off to Uni, some for the first time straight after school, others after a long hiatus. We have plenty of great gift ideas to wish your treasured scholar all the best with their studies!

ladies gift box

"Tea and Hibiscus" Ladies Gift Pack 

New beginnings

The start of the year is a time when many start afresh, in a new job or a new locale. While this is super exciting, it can also be terribly daunting and anxiety inducing! It’s so nice to let someone know that everything is going to be alright, and that you wish them all the very best!

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"Wishing Well" Wine + Chocolate Box

Need some assistance to choose or create the perfect gift? Email us or message us via our contact page.  

Beth + Monique


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