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Our timber gift crates have proven to be a practical, and stunning way to present your gifts. They offer a little bit of jaw dropping wow factor, to an already thoughtful, elegant gift hamper. For this reason, we have fallen in love with them.

But what happens with these gorgeous timber boxes, once the chocolates have been eaten, the wine sipped away, and the baby clothes and wraps neatly folded away into the newborn’s drawers? Oh so much! So much happens with these little boxes of wood, once the goodies they hold are are some great examples!

A baby gift presented in a timber gift crate exudes elegance and sophistication. The box allows the quality contents inside it to stand up on display, in all of their glory. With mouths agape, the new parents will pore over each and every item, oohing and aahing their delight.

gift hamper delivery wagga wagga"Hello Princess" Baby Girl Gift Crate with Balloon

And after they have so happily looked over the products within, Mum will observe 'this box will be great for holding baby’s nappies and creams’, or perhaps Dad will remark ‘make sure you don’t throw out that box, you could use it to put the baby’s toys, bibs or socks in!’.

gift hamper delivery wagga wagga

gift hamper delivery wagga waggaYou spoiled your Mum with a gorgeous gift hamper for her birthday, and were so thrilled to hear the happiness in her voice when she phoned you to thank you for her gift box, filled with chocolates and products of the pampering kind. You think to yourself that by the sounds of her voice, she must have already polished off the bottle of local red wine that was in it too! After she lists how much she thoroughly loves all of the products you sent to her, and so graciously thanks you, she says ‘and I’m even putting the gift box it was delivered in to good use, I’ve popped it in the laundry and I’m using it as a laundry caddy to store the cleaning products.’ Next time you visit, you go to throw a load of washing in the washing machine and sure enough, there it is, sitting atop the laundry bench.

You were given a delicious gourmet gift hamper from The Boutique Box at Christmas time, and you had really grand plans for the box….but your son spotted it and took it upon himself to put his art pads, pencils and paints in it…well, at least it has been put to good use!


We think it is so wonderful that the gifts you are sending, are presented within a box that is essentially, a useful product in it's own right. It really forms part of the gift, not only in presentation, but in practicality. Even our cardboard boxes can come in handy! They are sturdy little things, so they too can be reused, perhaps as storage (Beth recently put one to use when one of the kids' board game boxes broke), or just to reuse as a mailer box. Whatever you do though, even if you aren't going to reuse a cardboard box, please at the very least, pop it in the recycling bin!

Have you received a gift crate from The Boutique Box before? Or have you had one sent to somebody? We’d love to know how it has since been used, let us know in the comments!!

Beth + Monique


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